From Humble Beginnings comes great Success

From Humble Beginnings comes great Success

From Humble Beginnings, A non-corporate introduction to S&D Flooring – home to the Boys in Blue.

I don’t know about you, but it is very rare for an individual, let alone a prospective client to read through every single page of a corporate website to find out whether it’s services are right for you. Or whether you just want to find out about a bit of background information, especially, if you are looking and comparing several potential organisations – like us S&D Flooring Ltd.

Common trends in the way we use the web to research, have led me to write this blog post to sum up our company, S&D Flooring, in an quick, informative and a easy to comprehend way that you wouldn’t necessarily see in traditional corporate website and supporting documentation. As there are only so many times one can read ‘we aim to do this’ and ‘we deliver outstanding results’ before we switch off.

S&D Flooring originally started out with just a van that was travelling up and down the streets of Hull installing beautiful Karndean Design Flooring to domestic properties.  Although not quite Sir Alan Sugar and the evolution of his technology based empire Amstrad, company founders Steve and Dean took the streets of Hull and the surrounding areas in the spring of 2008, delivering a service that they have known for years.

Several years down the line, S&D Flooring started to make substantial profits, despite the economic decline, and subsequently expanded its fleet with new stylish vans and a dedicated team of passionate floor layers. Without word-of-mouth, positive reviews and recommendation from previous clients, I don’t think S&D Flooring would be what it is today! A few years after starting S&D, company founder Dean sold his shares to Steve in 2011 as he began to pursue other ventures.

As our reputation grew, we began to expand our services to accommodate commercial contract flooring. Working for local contractors such Chameleon Business interiors, Eco Modular Buildings and Servaccomm, installing a whole host of commercial flooring products, our name and brand was beginning to be seen all across the country.

As an independent Yorkshire based organisation, we are privileged to have been awarded commercial contracts in all major cities across the country – it’s a good job our Boys in Blue love to travel and sightsee whilst carrying out their work.

Nevertheless, S&D Flooring still pays homage to its humble beginnings and undertakes several domestic projects throughout the year, after all, a job is a job and where not necessarily going to turn an opportunity away. However, as S&D Flooring continues to grow the company is and wants to predominately be associated with commercial contract flooring.

Buying the perfect home for our team.

In September 2015, it was official that S&D Flooring’s director Steve Dixon, had bought a permanent home for S&D Flooring Ltd. Having been located on Helsinki Road for over 6 years, it seemed only natural to buy the building and customise it to meet our needs.

As the Boys in Blue where covering that nation with high performing and durable flooring, Steve and our latest Apprentice Dom started making some cosmetic changes to the warehouse.  It’s was an exciting time for the company and Steve in particular, has fantastic ideas of what we could do with the space and how we could encourage and train the next generation of floor layers.

Despite all the loud banning and all the other heavy duty sounds that go along with it, the S&D team welcomed a brand new canteen area, conference suite, training rooms and storage areas, all on an amended mezzanine that overlooked the busy warehouse.

Fancy the Grand tour? watch the video below.