S & D Flooring create a home for the 2017 Turner Prize and nominated artist Rosalind Nashashibi

S & D Flooring create a home for the 2017 Turner Prize and nominated artist Rosalind Nashashibi

It’s the one of the biggest and most prestigious international visual arts event of the year and S & D Flooring has made its mark with this latest installation.  The Turner Prize, which has since 2011 been staged outside of London every other year is presented at the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull as part of the UK City of Culture programme.  

Completed film space with Gradus LED Nosings and Black Carpet in Ferens Exhibition Gallery 7.
Completed Turner Prize film space with Gradus LED Nosings and Black Carpet in Ferens Exhibition Gallery 7.

The Brief… 

S & D Flooring was approached by Sewell Construction to supply and install 300 square metres of luxury black carpet and underlay in Exhibition Gallery 7 of the Ferens Art Gallery. Gallery 7 has been dedicated to display the works of the 2017 Turner Prize nominee Rosalind Nashahbi who specialises in film. As part of her exhibition, the space features two tiered film spaces that can accommodate up to 50 spectators at a time. Within these spaces S & D Flooring was appointed to install black carpet with blue LED Nosings.  

Ferens Art Gallery Exhibition 7 plan.
Ferens Art Gallery Exhibition 7 plan.


With only 7 working days available to install over 300 square metres of flooring products across the site amongst other construction trades, it was another fast paced and highly precise operation for S & D Flooring and the Boys in Blue to ensure we complete the project on time. One of the challenges for S & D Flooring during this project was working around several different trades whom were conducting their own wall, electric and furniture installations. To mitigate the potential risks of not being able to complete the project on time it was agreed that after completing a sub floor preparation our installers would quickly install flooring in one area whilst trades worked in another before protecting the newly installed floor and moving around to another area of the site. This proved to be successful but challenging at times, especially in the two dedicated film spaces and foyers.  

One of the best parts of this project was when the project was fully completed and spectators could enjoy the works of Rosalind Nashahbi in this temporary exhibition whilst walking on S & D Flooring’s very own masterpiece.  

S&D Flooring Ferens Art Gallery Turner Prize Exhibition
S&D Flooring Ferens Art Gallery, Turner Prize exhibition space

A few final words on the Turner Prize project

S & D Flooring would like to thank Sewell Construction for giving us the opportunity to work with them on a high profile Hull City of Culture project.  It was a great privilege to contribute to the Hull City of Culture programme. S & D Flooring would also like to thank the staff and Hull City of Culture Volunteers at the Ferens Art Gallery for their patience and support whilst we prepare one of the exhibition spaces for the Turner Prize.  

For further information on this project or you are simply interested in planning a similar project with us, contact S & D Flooring Ltd on 01482 839801 or e-mail us at sales@sanddflooring.co.uk. 

Products Used 

  • Black carpet 
  • Underlay 
  • Gradus LED Nosings  


S&D Flooring 2017 Recofloor Red Letter Day Experience Winner

S&D Flooring 2017 Recofloor Red Letter Day Experience Winner

S&D Flooring Ltd have been awarded a £100 Red Letter Day experience gift card from the Recofloor vinyl take-back scheme following the end of their summer promotion.  

S&D Flooring Red Letter Day Gift Card
S&D Flooring Red Letter Day Gift Card Experience

Recofloor, a leading vinyl take-back scheme founded by reputable manufacturers Altro and Polyflor for the commercial flooring industry, recognises the importance of raising the sustainability of the flooring industry. It is also currently used by hundreds of organisations across the UK. 

As part of their summer promotion event, S&D Flooring Ltd and many other flooring organisations were required to continue to recycle their waste vinyl flooring with Recofloor during August 2017. For every two bags filled with waste vinyl collected, the organisation would receive one entry into a draw for a chance to win one of three £100 Red Letter Days Gift Cards.  

Working on over 20 various sized projects during August 2017, many of which included the removal and installation of vinyl, S&D Flooring Ltd managed to generate 20 bags which equated to 2.25 tonnes of waste vinyl being saved from going to landfill.  As a result, this secured S&D Flooring Ltd with 10 entries into the Recofloor summer promotion.  

On Friday 1st September 2017, S&D Flooring was selected as one of the recipients for the £100 gift card voucher along with two other flooring organisations.

S&D Flooring employee Sam accepting the prize on behalf of Recofloor
S&D Flooring employee Sam accepting the prize on behalf of Recofloor

Steve Dixon, Managing Director of S&D Flooring said: “Working with Recofloor over the last couple of years has been great for improving S&D Flooring’s commitment to sustainability. Having being awarded this special prize from Recofloor for continuing to use their service and recycle waste vinyl flooring has been a great bonus for the company at the end of a busy summer.  S&D Flooring would like to thank Recofloor for selecting us in this year’s summer promotion and I look forward to giving this award to a hard-working employee at the organisation.

For further information, contact: 

S&D Flooring Ltd
Call us on: 01482 839801 or Email at: sales@sanddflooring.co.uk 

Call us on: 01613 557618 or Email at info@recofloor.org  

Installed to perfection right down to the molecular level

Installed to perfection right down to the molecular level

Project: Castle Hill Hospital Ward 22
Client: Ark Interiors

After a successful installation of Wards 18 and 19 (See project here) at Castle Hill Hospital, in Cottingham, S&D Flooring were once again appointed by Ark Interiors (part of the Strata Group) to install a wide range of flooring products to assist with the restoration and transformation of a redundant medical ward into a bespoke contemporary office and training centre that is a more useable space for teams.

Break Out Zone installed by S&D Flooring
Castle Hill Ward 22 – Office Break Out Zone

The Brief…

As part of the brief, S&D Flooring was appointed to install a prepared design (from Ark Interiors) that echoes a modern and motivating working environment. This is reflected with bursts of brightly coloured hexagonal carpet tiles that appear throughout the Wards’ breakout area – which to some could be seen as making reference to the atomic structures of proteins and other compounds. Supporting this, features a sea of neutral greys and patches of Karndean Lime wash oak planks. Whereas towards the centre of the ward and down several small corridors features a combination of artificial grass and Desso Essence stripe Green carpet tiles. Following from the main hub of the ward consists of several small to medium training rooms and offices that feature a mixture of subtle toned carpets and carpet tiles with strips of bold colours that connect with the colour on their feature walls. Finally, the project also consisted of installing, capping and coving Polyflor PUR safety flooring in two medium sized toilets that are situated towards the edge of the site.

Training Room installed with Desso Essence Black and Essence stripe Orange.
Training room installed with Desso Essence Range by S&D Flooring

With only 48 man-working days available to install over 800 square metres of carpet tiles, safety flooring and artificial grass, plus layers of Damp Proof Membrane and Instarmac Screed. This was surely a fast paced and complex operation – if you’d pardon the pun. One of the challenges S&D Flooring and the Boys in Blue faced during this project was working around several different trades whom were conducting their own wall, ceiling and electrics installations. To mitigate the potential risks of not being able to complete the project on time it was agreed that after completing a sub floor preparation our installers would quickly install flooring in one area whilst trades worked in another before protecting the newly installed floor and moving around to another area of the site. This proved to be successful but challenging at times, especially in the small areas of the site.

S&D Flooring installing layers of DPM and Screeds across the entire site.
S&D Flooring installing layers of DPM and Screeds across the entire site.
S&D Flooring Boys in Blue working collaboratively with trades.
S&D Flooring Boys in Blue working collaboratively with trades.

Besides handing over a project to our client, one of our favourite parts of the project was to install the hexagonal carpet tiles as it is shape that our Boys in Blue rarely get to install but look absolutely amazing when installed. Plus seeing the completed project in all its glory, as shown in the images below, makes us feel proud of delivering another top quality installation.

Break out office space with Artificial Grass.
Castle Hill Ward 22 Break out zone with Artificial Grass.


A Few Final Words…

Gary Finch, Business Manager of Ark Interiors said: “After our successful partnerships on previous HEY NHS projects, we again requested S&D to deliver another first-class flooring installation for the new Education and Development suite at Castle Hill Hospital, Hull – our latest design and build scheme. S&D were right in point with our requirements and our schedule of works was adhered to in the usual professional manner by the S&D team”.

S&D Flooring would like to thank Ark Interiors for giving S&D Flooring the opportunity to work on another interesting and creative project. Plus allowing us to use and share their project photos on our social media platforms, more of which can be found at http://bit.ly/2x4zDBS.

For further information on this project or are simply interested in planning a project with us, contact: S&D Flooring Ltd on 01482 839801 or E-mail at: sales@sanddflooring.co.uk

Products Used:


We’ve made a Recofloor First, Here’s what we did!

We’ve made a Recofloor First, Here’s what we did!

In a Recofloor first, S&D Flooring Ltd was named double award winner for Brand Ambassador (new for 2017) and Outstanding Achievement – Gold, for our contributions to the Recofloor scheme.

Recofloor is a leading vinyl take-back scheme which recognises the importance and benefits of recycling vinyl flooring. It is used by hundreds of flooring contractors and distributors across the UK. All uplifted and off-cut vinyl flooring products are recycled into either new flooring products by leading flooring suppliers Altro and Polyflor or traffic management products such as cones and sign bases.

Described as the ‘epitome of productivity’ S&D Flooring was given recognition for having a dedicated Recofloor webpage and an active presence on a wide range of social media platforms including: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. S&D Flooring also managed to accumulate and recycle one of the largest volumes of waste and uplifted vinyl by any contractor, which led us to be presented with two awards at the 2017 Annual Recofloor celebration event in London.

Joe Gardner, Project Officer at Recofloor said: “S&D Flooring is the first company in the history of the Recofloor scheme to win two awards in one year at our 2017 awards; they won both the Brand Ambassador and Outstanding Achievement awards”.

“S&D have been nothing short of exemplary, in 2016 they collected the largest volume of material by any contractor (14.6 tonnes) and it was all good quality material with no contamination issues whatsoever. S&D are on track this year to smash last year’s target.”

S&D Flooring Recofloor Brand Ambassador and Outstanding Achievement awards

Flooring Fact:  These trophies are made from the vinyl S&D Flooring helped to recycle. 

Steve Dixon, Managing Director of S&D Flooring said: “In September 2015 S&D Flooring begun its Recofloor journey. Since then our Boys in Blue have recycled over 20 tonnes of waste, uplifted smooth, safety and off-cut vinyl flooring. We have won multiple awards from Best New Comer and Bronze in 2016 to Outstanding Achievement and Brand Ambassador in 2017. At S&D Flooring we continually look to improve our sustainability and reduce our waste disposal costs. Using and promoting our participation with the Recofloor Scheme has helped the organisation save thousands of pounds annually, improve our sustainability and helped secure future projects. Each year we set an increasing vinyl recycling target. This year S&D Flooring aims to recycle 18 tonnes”.

For further information about our Recofloor achievements and how your project with us fits into the scheme, contact:

S&D Flooring Ltd

Call us on: 01482 839801 or Email at: sales@sanddflooring.co.uk

Organisation Update: Top Safety SafeContractor Accreditation for S&D Flooring Ltd

Organisation Update: Top Safety SafeContractor Accreditation for S&D Flooring Ltd

Local business S&D Flooring Ltd has been awarded a SafeContractor Accreditation from Alcumus for achieving excellence in health and safety in the workplace.

Alcumus SafeContractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises extremely rigorous standards in health & safety management amongst contractors. It is used by thousands of organisations in the UK including SMEs and FTSE 100 companies.

Employing 21 people, S&D Flooring Ltd is principally involved in the flooring sector, predominately specialising in the commercial sector. S&D Flooring’s most recent clients have included major corporations such as Chameleon Business Interiors, Strata Group, Sewell Group and more.

The company’s application for SafeContractor accreditation was driven by the need for a uniform standard across the business. SafeContractor accreditation will enhance the company’s ability to win new contracts, and its commitments to safety will be viewed positively by its insurers when the company liability policy is up for renewal.

Gemma Archibald, Director of Alcumus SafeContractor said: “Major organisations simply cannot afford to run the risk of employing contractors who are not able to prove that they have sound health and safety policies in place.”

“More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way S&D Flooring has done. The firm’s high standard has set an example which hopefully will continually be followed by other companies within the sector. SafeContractor plays a vital role in supporting our clients in meeting their compliance needs, whilst working with their contractors as they progress through the accreditation process”.

Steve Dixon, Managing Director of S&D Flooring said: “As an organisation and a community we take pride in ensuring that we regularly update our SafeContractor accreditation.  We continually amend our Health and Safety arrangements, policies and qualifications of all our contractors to ensure that our team aligns with current Health and Safety requirements”.


For further information, contact:

S&D Flooring Ltd

Call us on: 01482 839801 or Email at: sales@sanddflooring.co.uk

Castle Hill Hospital

Castle Hill Hospital

Renovation of Wards 18 and 19 at Castle Hill Hospital

An eventful and interesting installation at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull. Over a three-week period, S&D Flooring was tasked to supply and install over 1,500 square metres of a variety of luxury carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles and sheet vinyl across Wards 18 and 19 on behalf of Ark Interiors – part of the Strata Group.

Ark Interiors and S&D Flooring have a long standing and successful working relationship. It was an easy decision to engage the S&D team when we needed a forward thinking, flooring contractor who could bring our designs to life for the NHS Castle Hill project. Well done to all at S&D for completing our challenging flooring concept on schedule. – Gary Finch, Business Manager for Ark Interiors.

Castle Hill

Recreating the freshness of spring

Part of the project brief was to install a design that would help create a clean, open, and fresh atmosphere that reflects a modern and motivating working environment. This is reflected with a neutral colour palette with hints of warms bright colours. One of the many bold features that S&D Flooring installed was a series of warm green carpet Desso Fusion Rock tiles that run through the informal and formal working areas. Adding to this, a contrasting neutral grey Expona Design Roman Limestone Vinyl creates an obvious and visually pleasing walkway that threads through the ward; informally separating other zones.

Castle Hill

All we had to do was follow the pattern!

With its many straight lines, block zones and limited curved shapes, installing the products was a relatively straight-forward task, after all, all the S&D Flooring Boys in Blue had to do was follow the pattern. However, during the subfloor preparation, a few issues arose that required some creative thinking for our team of highly skilled floor layers.

When we first attended the site it was apparent that the ward was split up into several areas with different flooring, materials, sub-floor heights and levels. So the first task was to remove all previous flooring materials, screeds and renovation materials to reveal the base. We then used an external contractor to bring the sub-floor to its original state.

Once this was done a moisture test revealed a high reading which meant a DPM was needed to be installed.  We also needed to level the subfloor to receive our floor finishes. To achieve this we installed a sandwich of Ardex NA, Ardex DPM1C and another coat of Ardex NA. Not only did this bring the subfloor to a clean smooth working surface but also eliminated the potential for future problems such as rising moisture.

Castle Hill

Products Used

Unsure about what flooring you want for your home? Read what our online community recommends!

Unsure about what flooring you want for your home? Read what our online community recommends!

Each month we have numerous domestic clients ringing up our sales and help team enquiring about a new floor for a room in their home. Quite often, we have potential clients who are unsure about what type of flooring and design would be best fit for them and their home. Fortunately, our dedicated team will always go the extra mile to help our domestic clients choose a floor that is practical and suitable for their needs.

However, as majority of domestic clients look online for helping them select a new floor for their home, S&D Flooring thought it would be a good idea for our online community to share their thoughts and opinions of which type of flooring is best for their home and why?

So, we asked our community if you could choose a new floor for your home, what would it be and why? This was the result!

What flooring: Mark Twitter

Mark Wrightson on Twitter recommends Moduleo Design Flooring because it is spot on and quick to install. It is also durable and is great choice because of its modern styles. Plus, it is easy to clean and maintain. 

What Flooring: Stephen Kemp Twitter

Whereas Stephen Kemp, a regional manager for Tarkett, suggests Tarkett’s latest STARFLOOR CLICK 30 range at bit.ly/2mP6bXx. This Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) range is so retro it is futuristic with a wide range of contemporary designs to suit a range of domestic interiors.

Each floor from the Starfloor Click 30 range is equipped with Extreme Protection surface treatment for extra durability and resistance to scuffs, scratches and stains. 

Alternatively, some of our dedicated Facebook followers suggest:

What flooring: Zoe-Facebook

Zoe Nicholson recommends Karndean Design Flooring for their home because it has a gorgeous finish. 

What flooring: Kay-Facebook

Kay Chamberlain recommends industrial carpet tiles for her home as nothing else would cope with her active family and friends. Fortunately S&D Flooring have a solution for Kay. We have a wide range of durable and easy to maintain carpets that are suitable for any home, so there’s no need for industrial carpets.

 And what is even better!

what flooring: Bette-Facebook

Bette Dale on Facebook posts, that a new floor for your home should be laid by S&D Flooring because they are the best!  And we agree with you Bette !!!

So what?

From our online social survey, we have a range of responses that recommends a wide selection of different LVT flooring from leading brands such as Karndean and Tarkett because of their durability, easy maintenance and appearance.  Of course S&D Flooring can not say one brand of flooring is suitable for everyone as each home will have different needs. So that’s why all potential domestic clients who ring S&D Flooring on (01482) 839801 will receive a high quality consultation that aims to answer all of your queries.

 Let’s keep the conversation going!

If you have recently had a new floor installed in your home, we would love to know why you chose it and whether you would recommend it to our online community? Please add your comments below.



In July 2015, The Contract Flooring Association and the Contract Flooring Journal awarded S&D Flooring with the prestigious installation of the year award for the Whitby Court Care Home project in North Yorkshire. The Contract Flooring Association (CFA) consists of contractors and consultants that specialise in the installation of all floor finishes. Whereas the Contract Flooring Journal (CFJ) is recognised as providing essential business information, insider comments, expert analysis and lively debates on current flooring issues.

Whitby Court provides person-centred care in a tranquil environment using Karndean Design Flooring

The new flooring at Whitby Court care home was installed by S&D Flooring using Karndean Design flooring as specified by the Fisher Partnership. In short, the work consisted of the design and installation of 2000 square metres over two floors with various themed rooms. The care home wanted a floor that will withstand high traffic in areas, be easy to maintain, hygienic and most importantly looks warm and inviting for the residents.

Whitby Court Care Home Project

For the most part, the brief was to create a themed room of ‘At the Seaside’. Karndean Design flooring’s Michelangelo MS2 Navarra Chalk was used to create the look of pebbles. Whereas Karndean Van Gogh planks were used to resemble a jetty. In addition, a bespoke design was also required in the corridor outside the lounge.

S&D Flooring installers had a tight deadline to meet the client’s handover date. The conditions during the installation were difficult. Cold temperatures, specialist care and expertise was required during the installation of the Luxury Vinyl Tiles to prevent distortion. Overall an excellent finish was achieved by S&D Flooring which was delivered on time and on budget.

S&D Flooring awarded CFJ 2015 Installation of the Year

Managing Director Steve Dixon and Contracts Manager Mark Power attended the annual CFJ and CFA celebrations event in London to receive their award.

2017 January Update

2017 January Update

Happy New Year to all!

We hope everyone enjoyed the festive period, we certainly did! S&D Flooring’s Boys in Blue are now back in the office and on the road, ready for a jam packed 2017 filled with high end commercial and domestic flooring projects across the UK.

This year promises big things for the city of Hull and we are very excited by the prospects that come with the 2017 UK City of Culture title. There is so much going on throughout the city during the year, along with several tourist attractions and venues across the city applying their finishing touches to ensure this year is going to be the best.

In order to take full advantage of this year we have an elite team of highly trained and well-recommended professional floor layers installing bespoke flooring designs within the heart of the city.

As one of the Hull’s leading commercial contract flooring companies, we take pride in offering professional supply and installation services nationwide, specialising in luxury vinyl’s and carpets, all at a very competitive price!

Reduce, Reuse, Recofloor

Reduce, Reuse, Recofloor

Hey Recofloor! We’ve doubled the amount of recycled waste vinyl flooring.

For those who are familiar with our website and our ways of working will know that we have talked about Recofloor and its Take back scheme on several occasions. One example is in March, where managing director Steve Dixon and contract manager Mark Power were invited to Recofloor’s 2016 awards ceremony hosted by Matt le Tissier at the Old Trafford, where S&D Flooring was awarded Bronze and Best Newcomer of 2016.

Nevertheless, half way through the year, we are pleased to announce that S&D Flooring has doubled the amount of waste vinyl we have recycled last year and exceeded this year’s targets of recycling 5 tonnes –  now that is an achievement to be proud of! Between January and July 2016, we have recycled a total of 5.92 tonnes of waste vinyl-based flooring products – 0.75 tonnes of which was recycled in July alone.

Fortunately on Wednesday 20th July the S&D Flooring team was thrilled to take part in a Photoshoot opportunity on behalf of Recofloor to demonstrate the successes and benefits of using the Recofloor scheme.

Despite the extremely hot weather, Managing Director, Steve Dixon was thrilled to show and demonstrate the company’s efforts to reducing our environmental impact and how we integrate Recofloor into our day-to-day activities.

S&D Team
From Left to Right: Ellie, Lewis, Mark, Steve, Sam, Andy, Gail and Chris

Who are Recofloor and why we work with them?

S&D Flooring aim to become one of the greenest flooring contractors in East Yorkshire by ensuring that we constantly recycle our waste vinyl based products.

For those who are unfamiliar or new to our website, Recofloor, which was founded in 2009, is a national vinyl take-back scheme aimed at the commercial flooring industry by notable flooring manufacturers Altro and Polyflor. Recofloor enables contractors, construction sites and distributors alike the opportunity to recycle its off-cuts and roll-ends of:

–   Clean, smooth vinyl flooring;
–   Clean safety vinyl flooring;
–   Luxury vinyl flooring tiles (LVT) and,
–   Uplifted and clean loose lay.

The vinyl based flooring off-cuts and uplifted vinyl is placed in clearly labelled bulk bags that can be dropped off at any participating flooring distributors – over 60 are currently located in the UK and Ireland – or for a small fee, Recofloor itself can collect your waste vinyl when you have two or more bags full.

The Recofloor Take Back scheme offers construction companies the opportunity to reduce the cost of waste. It is far more economical for organisations to take advantage of the Recofloor scheme as the cost of sending your waste vinyl to recycling plants is significantly cheaper than disposing of waste at your local landfill site. Not to mention it is far more sustainable and environmentally friendly!

Whereas, smooth and safety vinyl flooring off-cuts are recycled into new flooring products by Altro and Polyflor, whereas smooth uplifted flooring is reprocessed into traffic management products, such as cones and sign bases.